Monday, 22 June 2015

Super fast week!

I have no more tiome to write, but things are good!!

We had another dog follow us this week, he is really obedient, he walks between us and no a step ahead! Hes great, I think I am starting to like dogs.... I dont know what is wrong with me! We called him Nefi (Nephi in english) and he is pretty cool. Plus he doesnt get in fights with other dogs so that is a plus!

This week was really fast! We have been preparing two people for baptism and we had exchanges!
Next week I will have a new companion which will be my 4th companion in the misison field and I will have to know the area.... I am going to get lost!!

We made friends with our neighbour and she brings us treats haha. We got locked out of our apartment for 4 hours coz we left the keys in side and she let us climb from her patio to ours so that was nice. We have began teaching her too, but she is more interested in hanging out that hearing the gospel. Shes 26, her name is Noelia. She wanted to ake us to capital city to go roller skating today, but we cant leave our area haha. Shes great!

Today I bought a new camera and we went to a Walmart and I found PEANUT BUTTER!! t was pretty cool!!

I am loving the work, I see the blessing the gospel is in the lives of the faithful and it is an honor to be a apart of bringing this joy to the lives of the Argentinian people.

I hope youre all well!!

Hna Wilson

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