Monday, 8 June 2015

We are drinking the air in Lanus! And Lorena got BAPTISED! and MIRACLES!

This week was a good week! Except my companion had the flu and I had a fever for a day out of sympathy to her haha, but did we stop working? HECK NO! But we didnt do morning exersize... 
We decided we have to eat better, we have been eating a lot of sugar, and that probably why we got sick, and we were really tired this week. 

This week I was exposed to the most humidty that I have ever experienced, EVER! It was so humid that you could see it, everything was kinda foggy and the air smelled really bad! We were carrying a sheet of paper to the chapel andit like got all damp and soggy. It was such a strange experience!

Funny story: So a few weeks ago I stood on a syringe in the street... I was wearing these foam shoes things that are really popular here and the need went through the shoe and stabbed me in the foot. The whole mission help team and presidency went into totaly freak out mode and sent me into the hospital. It turned out to be a diabetic needle. The mission doctor called all these infectious disease places in the USA and the church headquarters and sent me for HIV tests and everything. (th chance of HIV was very very small.) So I went back to the specialist this week and all is well, thank goodness haha. I havent had very good luck on my misson.....
The doctors that I was seeing are awesome and the mission president and his wife were so supportive, they were with me in the hospital so that I could call my parents. I think everyone else was much more frightened than I was. I was more afraid about the needles the hospital was putting in me than the one I stood on in the street haha.
One REALLY weird thing here is that the doctors greet their patients with kisses. IT IS NOT COOL! My doctor is and Infectologist- INFECTologist- he deals with infected people all day, and he greats them with kisses? That just doesnt seem right to me! Am I right or am I right? 
As missionaries we arent allwed to greet with kisses, but he caught me off guard the first time and that was really weird. He´s a cool doctor tough, we gave him a pamphlet on the restauration haha. 

This week Lorena gt baptised! She is an incredible woman. She was kidnapped as a child and sold into prostitution and escaped when she was 15. She is a policewoman and can do pretty much anything. she is really crafty and kind. She sewed her own baptism dress and she had never sewed before! It was amazing!
 I just love her so much! She was referred to us by her boyfriends family and was completely athiest. She had met with the missionaries a year before and when they asked her t pray to know it was true she recieved the answer that it was true but told the missionaries that she didnt believe in any of it. A year later she was still thinking about it all and her boyfriends family sent us to her. She was a golden investigator! She has a strong testimony and has totally changed her life. She and her boyfriend are soon to be married and in a year they will be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity!
She cried with joy when she came out of the water! It was such a nice day.
Yesterday at church her daughter came, we kinda forced the daughter to come so she could see her mum recieve the holy ghost. She didnt really want to come.
 And a MIRACLE happened! The daughter Augustina just totally changed, she came with us to the sunday school classes and loved it and she participated in gospel principals and then in sacrement she watched her mum get the holy ghost and was so happy that durring testimony meeting she stood up in front of the whole congregation and bre a powerful testimony of christ and of the church and she cried saying how happy she was that her mum had found and been baptised into the true church. Then she annouced to everyone that she wanted to be baptised too! People who have been memebers for years are sometimes too nervous to get up and give their testimony and we havent even been teaching her and it was her 2nd time at church and she got up infront of everyone and announced she wanted to be baptised! We were in shock! She had never expressed interest before. It was one of the most incredible moments I have experienced on my mission. We are meeting with her today and are going to invite her to be baptised in 3 weeks!

I love being a missionary and watching the way peoples lives can change in an instant when they find the truth and their purpose here on the earth. I see miracles everyday that I hope I can remember forever and pass down the generations.

I love you all and miss my little country!! NZ is the best!

Hermana Wilson

Dont remember.... All are of Lorenas baptism. The older daughter with her is Augustina.

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